Bangladesh Army Corps & Govt. Military Forces Overview | Coups – History – Career – Cadet Colleges

Bangladesh Army is a branch of Bangladesh Armed Forces combined. Bangladesh armed forces are a combination of Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Air Forces and Bangladesh Navy. It is worth mentioning that Bangladesh Army plays the great roles to protect the Bangladesh from enemies and some other inter-nation problems issues.

Bangladesh Army is created based upon the seven divisions like other Indian Army structures by following the Army structure of The Great Britain. Now days, Bangladesh Army follows the strategic planning, training management & non-commission officer methods of the United States Armed Forces.

History of Bangladesh Army


Bangladesh Army was established during the Freedom War of 1971 against the Pakistan. That time, Bangladesh was named as East Pakistan and the present Pakistan was West Pakistan. During independent war of 1971, the temporary government of Bangladesh created the East Bangle Regiment to protect the Bangladesh from Pakistani Military. Later all the Bengali Cops, fighters, army officers and some other armies from Pakistan Armed Forces (Bengali) united and the Bangladesh Army is created.

At the time of Freedom war, the temporary and fist prime minister of Bangladesh government named Tajuddin Ahmed firstly announce the structure of Bangladesh Army on the Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro in 11th April of 1971. He nominated and proclaimed the General M. A. G Osmani as the Head of the Bangladesh Army. Later Osmani was declared as the Captain of Bangladesh Freedom Fighters. Osmani divided the whole country by 11 sectors and sent useful and strategic write of order to these eleven sectors of Bangladesh for better face to face war. And from the freedom war, Bangladesh Army started their journey and still continuing their efforts and planning to save our country.

Now, Bangladesh Army consists of about 200000 forces along with some other officers, commissioners and Non-Commissioners officers.

Rank of Bangladesh Army

Rank is the thing that is strictly and obediently maintained in Bangladesh Army. To achieve a Rank, an officer must have to pass some hard steps successfully. Rank of an Army Officer is given according to the basis of Education, Performance and ages. In the Descending order the Rank of Bangladesh Army is like: Field Marshal > General > Lieutenant General > Major General > Brigadier General > Colonel > Lieutenant Colonel > Major > Captain > Lieutenant > Second Lieutenant > Junior Commissioner > Non Commissioner.

Career in Bangladesh Army


To join in Bangladesh Army you must have to fulfill the requirements before applying for a job in BA.  When the Authority of Bangladesh Army thinks that they need more officers and corps; they usually post jobs on Daily Newspapers and Online Job sites. If you are from any Cadet Colleges; you can directly be an Army Commissioner whereas the general background based students must have to follow some required steps like Medical Tests, Written & ViVa tests etc. General backed students must have to attend the Training Program arranged by the specialists’ trainer of Bangladesh Army to be fully eligible to get appointed. Most of the time; this kind of training is arranged after the corps is recruited.

Cadet Colleges Operating by Bangladesh Army


All of the Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh are maintained and operated by Bangladesh Army. Students from Cadet Colleges have to pass their life according to the code & conduct of Bangladesh Army. Students who have passed HSC from any Cadet Colleges are usually being recruited in Bangladesh Army as a Commissioner. Here is the list of Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh: -

  1.  Military  Collegiate School Khulna (MCSK)
  2. Joypurhat Cadet College.
  3. Feni Girls Cadet College.
  4. Comilla Cadet College.
  5. Mymensing Cadet College.
  6. Pabna Cadet College.
  7. Barishal Cadet College.
  8. Rangpur Cadet College.
  9. Sylhet Cadet College.
  10. Rajshahi Cadet College.
  11. Mirzapur Cadet College.
  12. Jhenidah Cadet College.
  13. Faujdahat Cadet College.

Activities of Bangladesh Army


Bangladesh Army always helpful to the Bangladesh government at whenever the Bangladesh is in Crisis. When any Natural Calamity attacks Bangladesh; the Bangladesh Army takes their steps to help the affected peoples. Bangladesh Army helps the Bangladesh Border Guard (BGB) to protect the Border strongly. Bangladesh Army also provides armed forces to various countries of this world to keep the peace and controlling the anarchy. Some of the Bangladesh Army severed countries are: Somalia, Namibia, Cambodia, Uganda, Haiti, Liberia, Tajikistan, West Sahara, Sierra Leon, Kosovo, Georgia, West Timor, Congo, Ivory Coast, Mozambican and Ethiopia.

Official Website of Bangladesh Army: Click This Link.

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