Bangladesh Railway Ticket | How to Buy It Easily?

Journey by Train is one of the most convenient and cheapest transportation systems of Bangladesh. From the British Governing period Bangladesh Railway are providing an awesome transportation system in all over the Bangladesh except some district due to inconveniences of installing the rail line for unparallel road by Hill tracks or having some big rivers. Every year, Bangladesh government is taking proper steps to increase the route for Bangladesh Railway and thus the rate of passengers for Bangladeshi Rail is being increased day by day. The bus journey is painful and people usually get stuck in huge traffic jam and prefers railway journey.

But the sad part of Bangladesh Railway is the unavailability of Tickets. Railway Tickets seem too much hard to manage due to higher demand of it. And the huge spike of Railway Ticket needs is occurred during various Islamic Rituals and other festive occasions like Eid-Ul-Azha and Eid-Ul-Fitr. During EID almost 70 percent of people go back to their own village to enjoy EID with their parents and other family members. And at that time; a railway ticket is very hard to manage though one would have to stand for 6 or 7 long hours in the long queue.

Anyways, recently Bangladesh Railway launched an easier process to buy railway tickets online. Buying E-Tickets of BR is as easier as it should be. I personally thank to Bangladesh Government for taking such decision.

Let’s know how to register one to buy a Railway Ticket online and what the steps one would have to follow:

  1. Enter to the Railway Website. Click this Link.
  2. Click on Purchase E-Ticket button which is located at the bottom of the website.
  3. Click on Sign Up button.
  4. A new window will be opened naming “Create an Account”. Put all the required information. Enter a security code. This Security code you might need at future. So remind it.
  5. Click on Register Button to register yourself. A registration successful related info will be showed and the confirmation message will be sent to your given Email account.

Your Registration is complete now! Listen; you will have to register yourself one time of your life. But remember your password, email and security code and store it somewhere. Because these will be needed when you will buy a Railway E-Ticket of Bangladesh anytime you want.

Now the real process of buying e-ticket is begun. Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter to the Railway Website again.
  2. Click on Purchase E-Ticket button.
  3. In the Sign In Box provide all the information that required like your Email or Username, Password and Security Code. Then log into it.
  4. Click on the Purchase Ticket Button.
  5. Input all of the required information like your Destination, Passenger Numbers, Class, Date and Time and everything is asked.
  6. In the next page you will see a message whether the Ticket is available to buy or not. If it is available then click on “Purchase Button”.
  7. The ticket price will be paid from your Credit Card or Cash Card or from your Brack Bank Account and then an E-Ticket will be sent to your given Email Address.
  8. Just print that E-Ticket and show it on the Counter to collect original ticket.

This is how you can buy railway ticket while staying anywhere in Bangladesh. Hope, from now you won’t have to face any trouble to purchase online tickets of Bangladesh Railway. Best luck for you.

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