Eve Teasing Disasters in Bangladesh | How To Stop It?

Eve-teasing is a common phenomenon of Bangladesh nowadays. Everyday morning while I open the daily newspaper I surely find a short or long incidental news about Eve Teasing. Its sad but true. I always try to avoid such type of news but this is not the probable solutions at all. Eve-teasing things are getting worst day by day here in Bangladesh. Interesting thing is that, the total educated people’s percentage of Bangladesh is growing but the rate of eve-teasing incidents is increasing. It’s a matter of shame!

I shouldn’t say that government is silent here. However, government has already created several laws and rules in order to protect the eve-teasers. But these rules and protective formulas all are in vain. It seems, eve-teasing is being increased day by day.

But how to control it? How to save our girls and sisters from such disasters? I think, only consciousness is the solution. No laws and destructive formula can stop these culprits. Our TV and Radio media should focus on it very carefully. Newspapers and Magazines should publish such type of mass-consciousness reports and examples so that people be aware of the harmfulness of eve-teasing. Eve-teasing not only harms the prestige of girls but it also decreases the nation’s moral popularity towards the outer world.

It is observed that, most of the eve-teasing incidents are happening on the narrow roads, corners of girls’ schools or college, in front of shops, in traffic congestions, roads of Dhaka, any silent places of villages etc.

So, there is no way to protect the Eve Teasers? I don’t know. But I know if government try to increase the consciousness about it; then it might go away. On the other hand, the implementation of existing eve teasing law is drastically needed here. I hope, the lawmakers would look over on it.

I myself says NO for Eve Teasing. You people, who are my BDTalks.Com blog reader please say NO to eve-teasing too. We the blogger can protest eve teasing by our writings. I hope, our readers will walk beside us. Thank you.

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