Introductory Information About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an independent country which is located at South Asian continent and beside India & Myanmar. Bangladesh is a river prominent country with lots of huge rivers all around the country. Though this country is tiny comparing other countries of Asia like India & China; it have lots of resource & natural wealth. Bangladesh is probably one of the best beautiful countries amongst the other countries of the world with lots of natural tourist spots. The largest sea beach named Coxs’ Bazar & the largest mangrove forest of the world named Sundarban is located in Bangladesh. This country is separated in 65 little districts and the populations is over-crowded here. The literate ratio is average and improving day by day. Well, BDTalks.Com always try the best to accumulate all the introductory articles, so that you can easily know better about Bangladesh. To know the details of this country; check the articles linked below:-

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