Tally – How to get the accounting Software in Bangladesh!

Now-a-days, there is no longer use of paper and pencil for accounting purpose in the financial organization. It is the time of Information technology age so that every office throughout the country convert their paper based system into a digital system.  In this system we use Computer and different kinds of software. To operate daily business operation and track the financial transaction we use accounting software. The tally software is one of the most useful accounting software throughout the country. We Business Solution world class Tally software in Bangladesh.  Using the Tally software we can maintain all types of accounting records such as ledgers, journals, vouchers, delivery notes, receipt notes, purchases, sales and debit notes all are available in our Tally software. This is like all in one accounting software package.

What should do a Tally software

Though Tally software is an account and inventory management software but it has different kinds of offer too. In the latest version you can easily access the accounts related feature using the Tally software. Here I figure out the outmost features of a Tally software which is the best accounting software you can ever imagine throughout the country.

Tally Software in Bangladesh

• You can easily do basic accounting task using this Tally software

• You can manage your store and different kinds of items.

• Analyze the job costing

• You can manage and operate the payroll using the Tally software

• It can help you to produce Management Information Reports

• Preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, VAT forms, TDS, Tax analysis, FBT reports etc.

• Budget analysis and report

• Calculating the interest rate

• Manage the data and synchronize it and then produce available reports

Why you choose Tally software

The important thing is about Tally software, it has a double entry method of accounts by which it reduces all probable errors and bugs. This Tally software is very easy to understand and use. It generates the result using minimum time delay that is the special feature. It includes diverse tree grouping and automatic chart generator by which you can easily generate the financial charts with minimum time frame. More than 100 companies throughout the country are using our software to manage their daily operation. We Business Software Solution also provides customer support that is the new dimension of our company.

Why Business Solution Best for Tally software?

We Business Solution Software, the only trusted Tally provider in Bangladesh. We know the business needs and basic business operations that’s why we are very concerned about our service. You will not get error while you are operating our Tally software because before launching the Tally software our software engineer test all the parts and operation. So you can easily trust us. If you are thinking to start your own business, then you can take our reliable Tally software. We the business solution software will help you to be a leading company throughout the country.

So that if you are a business owner looking for reliable Tally software, then our Tally software is the ideal one for you. Undoubtedly, this is the best solution for you that you were waiting for. Get ready and try Tally today.

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  1. But as an accountant i always suggest everyone to use microsoft xcel.because hotmail is giving it support from inside email account,so that you can share accounts reports indivigually and groups both.

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